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Do you Like this retailer’s approach to social commerce?

First, Levis introduced the retail world to an integrated shopping experience that combined the social effect of Facebook with traditional e-commerce with its Friends Store. Consumers appeared to not only Like the approach, but also found the shopping experience to be entertaining and self-expressive. Considering the role of social proof and influence in the 6 Pillars of Social Commerce, it was just a matter of time until a real world retailer experimented with in-store Likes to affect decision-making.

Fashion retailer C&A in Brazil debuted Fashion Like, a new campaign that displays the number of Likes that each article of clothing earns on the company’s Facebook page. As I’ve always maintained, “engagement ain’t nothing but a number.” While this strategy is certainly innovative, it may not be enough to sway consumers in a favorable direction. Perhaps adding iPads in each section allowing people to see what people are saying or how they’re interacting or introducing an in-store app that ties virtual and the real world with the social graph of shoppers will bring this strategy to Like.

Source: The Verge

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