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Top 25: What corporate America is reading, September 2013

800-CEO-READ, a leading direct supplier of book-based resources compiles a monthly list of best-selling business books based on purchases by its corporate customers nationwide.

Here are the best sellers for September 2013…

1. “Finding Allies, Building Alliances: 8 Elements That Bring - and Keep-People Together” by Mike Leavitt and Rich McKeown; Jossey-Bass, 241 pages ($29.95)

2. “Innovating Analytics: Word of Mouth Index - Use the Next Generation of Net Promoter to Increase Sales and Drive Results” by Larry Freed; John Wiley & Sons, 288 pages ($26)

3. “Walk in Their Shoes: Can One Person Change the World?” by Jim Ziolkowski; Simon & Schuster, 272 pages ($25)

4. “Thinking in New Boxes: A New Paradigm for Business Creativity” by Luc de Brabandere and Alan Iny; Random House, 352 pages ($28)

5. “Nice Companies Finish First: Why Cutthroat Management Is Over - and Collaboration Is In” by Peter Shankman and Karen Kelly; Palgrave MacMillan, 256 pages ($26)

6. “The New Technology Elite: How Great Companies Optimize Both Technology Consumption and Production” by Vinnie Mirchandani; John Wiley & Sons, 378 pages ($49.95)

7. “Forever Cash: Break the Earn-Spend Cycle, Take Charge of Your Life, Build Everlasting Wealth” by Jack Bosch; Morgan James, 190 pages ($19.95)

8. “A Curious Discovery: An Entrepreneur’s Story” by John S. Hendricks; HarperBusiness, 384 pages ($28.99)

9. “Generosity Network: New Transformational Tools for Successful Fundraising” by Jennifer McCrea and Jeffrey C. Walker; Deepak Chopra, 304 pages ($26)

10. “Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements” by Tom Rath and Jim Harter; Gallup Press, 240 pages ($25.95)

11. “Grow a Pair: How to Stop Being a Victim and Take Back Your Life, Your Business and Your Sanity” by Larry Winget; Gotham, 176 pages ($17.50)

12. “How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything” by Dov Seidman; Jossey-Bass, 389 pages ($27.95)

13. “The Leadership Contract: The Fine Print to Becoming a Great Leader” by Vince Molinaro; John Wiley & Sons, 229 pages ($24.95)

14. “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” by Charles Duhigg; Random House, 202 pages ($28)

15. “50 Digital Team-Building Games: Fast, Fun Meeting Openers, Group Activities and Adventures Using Social Media, Smart Phones, GPS, Tablets, and More” by John Chen; John Wiley & Sons, 200 pages ($24.95)

16. “From Values to Action: The Four Principles of Values-Based Leadership” by Harry M. Jansen Kraemer; Jossey-Bass, 224 pages ($27.95)

17. “The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy” by Jon Gordon; John Wiley & Sons, 192 pages ($21.95)

18. “Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You: How to Delight and Engage the Customers Your Competitors Don’t Understand” by Kelly McDonald; John Wiley & Sons, 209 pages ($24.95)

19. “What’s the Future of Business: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences" by Brian Solis; John Wiley & Sons, 218 pages ($29.95)

20. “Smart Tribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together” by Christine Comaford; Portfolio, 256 pages ($25.95)

21. “Passion Conversation: Understanding, Sparking and Sustaining Word-of-Mouth Marketing” by Geno Church, Greg Cordell, John Moore and Robbin Phillips; John Wiley & Sons, 229 pages ($25)

22. “Highly Recommended: Harnessing the Power of Word of Mouth and Social Media to Build Your Brand and Your Business” by Paul Rand; McGraw-Hill, 257 pages ($25)

23. “Train Your Brain for Success: Read Smarter, Remember More, and Break Your Own Records” by Roger Seip; John Wiley & Sons, 261 pages ($24.95)

24. “Rise of the Naked Economy: How to Benefit from the Changing Workplace” by Ryan Coonerty and Jeremy Neuner; Palgrave MacMillan, 258 pages ($28)

25. “Ctrl Alt Delete” by Mitch Joel; Business Plus, 288 pages ($28)


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